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Grand Prairie’s Asia Times Square Expanding

Grand Prairie’s Asia Times Square Expanding

Asians are fastest growing ethnic group in Grand Prairie


An Asian shopping center in Grand Prairie is growing.

Asia Times Square is expanding to include a former Sam’s Club space.

“It’s 130,000-square-foot building, so total, the two buildings added together will be 250,000 square feet of retail space to service the Asian community,” co-owner Matthew Loh said.

The new space will include an elaborate courtyard, a wedding hall, a dim sum restaurant and an electronic store.

Grand Prairie’s Asian population has grown dramatically since Asia Times Square opened in a former Wal-Mart at Pioneer and Great Southwest parkways in late 2007, Loh said.

“Grand Prairie has been lacking the Asian business for many years. Since we moved over we opened up, we expanded, the population has more than doubled,” he said.

Asians are the city’s fastest growing ethnic group, said Lynn McGinley, Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce president. Asians currently make up 7 percent of Grand Prairie’s population, she said.

Grand Prairie lawyer Kenny Nguyen said opening his law firm inside Asia Times Square has helped his business tremendously.

“We have a lot of traffic here,” he said. “And, of course, the events that Asia Times Square held each year, a multitude of events, it draws a lot of traffic to our office, so we were able to grow a little bit faster than anticipated.”

Nguyen is now looking to expand his business and move next door into the Asia Times Square’s expansion.

Customers who live nearby, such as Mansfield resident Nathan Nguyen, say they’re thankful to have a one-stop shop that caters to their needs.

“My family can still continue to cook the food that we like to eat with the produce that’s provided by the market, and every now and then there’s a festival here that reminds us of home,” he said.

Asia Times Square’s expansion is expected to open by the end of the year.