Thien Long Yen Bird Nest

Women should come to visit our beautiful store to purchase products that enhance your health as well as your beauty. In order to understand more about this rare delicacy, there are a few basic things to understand. Firstly, the nest is taken from a bird called a swiftlet, indigenous to certain parts of Asia and areas of Australia. Swiftlets, unlike most birds, make their nests by expelling saliva. The saliva dries and hardens upon contact with air to form the nest which is, of course, edible. So, in other words, what you’re ingesting is…bird spit.

It appears that the health benefits of edible bird’s nest have yet to be disproven. Authoritative sources—from research mostly conducted in Singapore and Malaysia—suggest that the nests contain a significant amount of nutritional value. However, the long term positive physical effects have yet to be tracked. In other words, the chemistry has been verified, and the nests appear to be loaded with healthy properties, but the success of this product cannot be denied.

Edible bird’s nest contains eighteen amino acids, some of which aren’t produced naturally by the human body. Amino acids provide many positive health benefits. Your body will process and void toxic substances more quickly, the growth of red blood cells will be stimulated. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body while expelling carbon dioxide.

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