Huong Duong Corp.

At Huong Duong Corp., we have 30 years of expertise in traditional herbal medicine. Our customers come to us for advice and remedies for almost anything imaginable. It’s our mission to listen with patience and provide the best answers and highest quality, all-natural herbal products available. At Huong Duong Corp. we always place our customers first and wish to put our considerable experience to work getting you the results you desire.

Traditional Vietnamese medicine differs from traditional Chinese medicine that relies wholly on native ingredients which are then used in their fresh state or simply dried. Vietnamese medicine typically does not require a complicated, traditional method where a portion of the mash is removed to a separate vessel, boiled for a time, and then returned to the main mash, as seen in Chinese medicine.

Even common herbs and vegetables are used. The flowers of Magnolia champaca, Jasminum sambac are also employed for their pharmacologic properties.

In addition to ingested preparations, ointments and poultices are also recommended, along with steaming therapy.

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