Two Hands Corn Dog

Two Hands America Inc. is based in Los Angeles, CA, Since 2019. We operate multiple brands taking the US by storm. Our mission is to ride amongst the ‘Korean Wave’ specifically in the F&B business, for the world to know how we interpret everyday food items to a modern yet approachable everyday food that everyone can enjoy together.

Two Hands Corndogs approaches the people with a familiar vessel but a twist inside out.

Corndog can be seen everywhere in America, but Two Hands is capturing America’s taste buds with the Korean-style corndog that had not been tasted before. The twist in the familiar and friendly menu intrigues people of all genders and ages, with a very approachable cost range and top-notch branding/storytelling. Two Hands Corndogs finds you in your local area now from more than 60 locations and hundreds more coming next year.