National Lion Dance Competition – June, 2022

Asia Times Square is proud to host the 2022 National Lion Dance Competition

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Rising Phoenix Texas
After expanding to Dallas Fort Worth in 2014, Rising Phoenix Texas has been committed to promoting the artistry of lion dancing through their exciting and exhilarating performances. Never settling, Rising Phoenix continues to push the boundaries of what lion dance can be for the DFW community.

Rising Phoenix San Jose
Based in San Jose, California, Rising Phoenix was established in 2003 by a small group of friends who had passion for lion dancing. They are a dynamic team of individuals who strive to keep the traditional art of lion dance alive. Through lion dance, they hope to bring individuals together to explore the culture and community.

Teo Chew
Teo Chew Association: Unicorn Dragon and Lion Dance Team, established in 1994, is based in the heart of Houston’s Chinatown. The team is comprised of various performers whose desire is to perform, promote, and protect the art of lion dancing and martial arts. Their members are trained in various styles of Chinese martial arts along with studying lion dance history and its cultural significance.

White Crane
Fueled by a lifelong passion in the ancient art form of lion dance and martial arts, three brothers—Kuen, Kwan, and Allen Leung— established a struggling school in Oakland, California in 1971. Their goal was to create a youth club, which not only upheld and preserved the traditions of the ancient art, but also to promote brotherhood and respect in its system. As time progressed, its operations permanently settled in the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Liên Hoa Lion Dance
established in 2018 with the intent to better each member as individuals and create an unparalleled brotherhood through the art of lion and dragon dance. They have incorporated the culture of the Asian community, values of a family, and acts of selfless service that will be passed down to be productive members of society.

Southern Sea
Southern Sea began in 2009 with the mission to elevate the standard of lion and dragon dancing in San Diego. They are currently one of the largest lion dance organizations in the county and hopes to continue to enrich their local community through the cultural arts.

HI Lion Dance
The Chinese Lion Dance Association was founded in 1988 With Chinese culture as a vehicle to develop students to be productive members of society We stress traditional values: Honor, Loyalty and Righteousness

Jiu Long
Established in 2013. The Jiu Long Sports Association is a 501(C)3) non-profit organization that strives to spread their love and passion for lion dancing. Whether in their home area of Dallas, TX. or beyond, their mission is to bridge communities together through performance arts. They are grateful for the relationships they have been able to cultivate with fantastic clients who have the same passion, such as the Dallas Mavericks, America’s Got Talent, Amazon, and more. JL stands to make their family open to anyone and everyone, matter what race or beliefs.

Lee’s Golden Dragon
Founded by Dr. Allen J. Lee in 1974, Lee’s Golden Dragon Lion and Dragon Dance Association from Houston, Texas strives to build individuals of high moral character and serve the Greater Houston area community through the art of lion and dragon dance.
Throughout the years, Lee’s Golden Dragon has been fortunate to share the art of lion and dragon dance across the United States with organizations and individuals such as the Houston Rockets, Yao Ming, and Martin Yan to name a few.

Soaring Phoenix
Soaring Phoenix Dragon & Lion Dance Association was founded in 2008 based in Houston, Texas. As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, they help scholarship medicine, food, clothes, and every day supplies to orphans and those that are in need in Vietnam through the traditional art of lion & dragon dance.

Mak Fai
Established in 1974, Mak Fai Kung Fu Dragon and Lion Dance Association aims to promote Chinese martial arts and lion dancing in the Greater Seattle area. Through many generations of members, the troupe keeps the tradition alive by teaching the younger students in the community.

Hoa Dao
The Hoa Dao Lion Dance Association. They were established in 1998 and their goal is to promote the art in lion and dragon dance while keeping the Vietnamese tradition alive. They credit the monks of the Huong Dao Pagoda and the Vietnamese Youth Association for supporting their endeavors. They look forward to being part of our sports association and passing on this folk art for many more generations to come.

Linh Son
GDPT Linh Son Lion & Dragon Dance Team, established in 2008, is based in Northwest Houston. The team strives to teach and promote the art of lion dance to the local youth while working to support the community

Celestial Dragon was established in 2005. We strive to develop students from all ways of life to become passionate, disciplined, and respectful individuals spreading the culture and tradition of the lion dance.


Master Siow Ho Phiew is seen as one of the most influential leaders to promote lion dance on a global scale as well as being credited on creating standardized judging system for lion dance competitions. He is currently the senior advisor to Kun Seng Keng Malaysia as well as the former Chief Judge of the Genting International Lion Dance Championships. We are honored to have him onboard as our chief judge for this years 2022 National Lion Dance Competition.

Master Puay Sen Tang is an internationally certified judge and former competitor for Malaysia’s Kun Seng Keng (KSK). He is the current chairman of the KSK organization and has been working on spreading lion dance knowledge to many countries around the world. We are honored to have him as our senior advisor for our competition.

Master William Lee (California)

Master Michael Chiu (California)

Master Jimmy Leung (California)

Master Dr. Allen Lee (Texas)


9:00AM Opening Ceremony

9:40AM Competition Start

9:55AM Southern Sea Kun Seng Keng

10:20AM Rising Phoenix SJ

10:45AM Celestial Dragon

11:10AM Teo Chew Association

11:35AM Chinese Lion Dance Association Kun Seng Keng Hawaii

12:00PM Soaring Phoenix

Lunch Break

12:50PM Resume Competition

1:05PM Leung’s White Crane

1:30PM Jiu Long Lion Dance Troupe

1:55PM Lee’s Golden Dragon

2:20PM Hoa Dao Lion Dance Association

2:45PM Rising Phoneix TX

3:10PM Soaring Phoenix


3:35PM Resume

3:50PM Mak Fai Kung Fu

4:15PM GDPT Linh Son

4:40PM Lien Hoa Lion Dance

5:05PM Lee’s Golden Dragon

5:30PM Leung’s White Crane

6:20PM Closing Ceremony

Results & Score

Congratulations to Leung’s White Crane – Team Black for winning the 2022 National Lion Dance Competition!

1st Place – Leung’s White Crane Team Black 9.03

2nd Place – Leung’s White Crane Team White 8.95

3rd Place – Southern Sea Kun Seng Keng 8.75

4th Place – Rising Phoenix Texas 8.65

5th Place – Teo Chew Association 8.6

6th Place – Mak Fai Kung Fu 8.6

7th Place – Jiu Long Lion Dance Troupe 8.53

8th Place – Lee’s Golden Dragon 8.52

9th Place – Celestial Dragon 8.37

10th Place – Hoa Dao 8.3

11th Place – GDPT Linh Son Lion and Dragon Dance 8.23

12th Place – Soaring Phoenix Team C 8.15

13th Place – Lien Hoa Lion Dance 8.13

14th Place – Chinese Lion Dance Association – Hawaii 8.05

15th Place – Rising Phoenix San Jose 8.02

16th Place – Lee’s Golden Dragon 7.93

17th Place – Soaring Phoenix Dragon and Lion Dance Team A 7.67


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